Through The Trees

Wild Wellness Online

Wild Wellness Online Community

medicinal, nutritional and spiritual Gifts from nature- from the comfort of your home



In this online program, Becky and Kendall will share a wealth of information on health-supportive herbal remedies and wild edible plants and support you in developing and deepening your mindful connection to nature.

Join online classes with Becky and Kendall to:

  • Discover the many health benefits of common “weeds” and other plants and trees

  • Explore outdoors (or just watch us!) to identify and forage wild edibles

  • Make soothing and supportive herbal remedies and teas to use for yourself and your family

  • Learn about plant spirit medicine, a valued practice in many ancient cultures, that

  • Strengthen your connection with nature to help reduce stress, support health,

  • Be part of a like-minded community that values nature-connection and the power of plants

What it includes:

  • A private Facebook group* to explore plant medicine and mindfulness and receive support from Becky, Kendall and each other

  • Two live virtual classes per month (approximately 30 minutes long) in our private Facebook group. Join live or watch the recorded class later at your convenience.

  • One Guided Meditation each month (10-20 minutes)

Plants discussed will likely include St. John’s Wort, plantain, comfrey, wood sorrel, dandelion, elderberry, burdock, red clover, sweetfern, heal-all, daisy, rose, yarrow, reishi fungi, white pine, oak and many more!


*The Wild Wellness Community takes place virtually in a private Facebook group. You must have a Facebook account to access our classes and other information.

**This is a monthly recurring automatic payment. We hope you will continue to explore your connection to nature with us, but you may cancel your membership at any time.