Through The Trees

Our Story


Our Story

Surrender To Something Greater Than Self


What Happen’s When You Surrender

Marcia Griffin, Trent Griffin, Carlos Collado and Jenn Casoni have been guided together as they share many life experiences instilled with a sense of reverence for nature deep within their cores. This dynamic team have been inspired by their individual and collective dream of creating and delivering programs for others to experience this same deep love and respect for nature as the ultimate teacher.

Separate Paths, Parallel Journeys

In the Summer of 2017, the power of serendipity occurred in Topsham, Maine as Norm Houde, the President and Founder of Sky-Hy Renewal and Conference Center, sought answers as to how his life’s mission of serving the community would continue. Call it God’s will, magic, or simple synchronicity, there was an instantaneous connection between the mission of Sky-Hy and the teams' dream. As Marcia and Norm started to have conversations, it was clear they shared the same strong drive to serve the community, and joining forces was guided by spirit.  The Through The Trees and Sky Hy Teams are thrilled to be serving the community through this 40 year legacy under Servants of the Cross's 501(c)3 non-profit.

Sky Hy ~ An Ideal Venue

Sky-Hy is the perfect location to share with others the beauty and serenity of Mother Nature. Sky-Hy has transformed from a prior ski lodge to a conference and renewal center. The facility consists of an industrial kitchen, can sleep 55 guests, and has the capacity to hold groups upward of 400 in the Main Hall. Nestled on 22-acres of untouched pristine forests, the facility abuts the Cathance River and Bradbury Pond providing amazing sunrises and vistas that are sure to take your breath away. The old ski slopes, named The Big and Little Dipper will be transformed into hiking trails. This fertile soil is perfect for forest bathing, outdoor classrooms and element training.

It's truly amazing what can come into being when you blend the vast experiences of like-minded individuals. The Through the Trees team looks forward to providing opportunities for people of all ages to unplug and dive into the deep wonder of themselves, nature and each other.

With the support of the community and a dynamite team, we are excited to share Through the Trees Transformation Center - a dream come true!