Through The Trees

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

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Founder & Executive Director

Marcia has a unique blend of life experience -she is a lover of life, Black Sash, Kripalu Yoga instructor, life coach and has spent the last 10 years running Business operations for multi-functional teams.  Marcia brings fun, focus, discipline and intuition into creating magic for all who come into contact with her.  

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Senior Teacher & Program Manager

Trent is a Black Sash, licensed massage therapist, experienced carpenter and spent much of his youth trekking through the Maine woods.  Trent's practices and teachings are rooted in nature and in deep calm - his gifts are vast and diverse.  From transformational and therapeutic massage therapy to his artistic ability with three-dimensional structure, Trent has a way of bringing his connection to nature into all that he does.  


Senior Teacher & Program Manager

Carlos is a certified Forest Therapy Guide and 25 year practitioner of the ancient healing and protective arts. Carlos has long felt and benefited from the effective healing energy and wisdom of Nature. This relationship has helped to shape his vision and fuels his passion to create and hold a sacred space where people can learn to connect to the elemental forces. His love of nature and all it has to offer is matched and fueled by his wife and partner, Elizabeth, and his son Marcus.


Teacher & Program Manager

Jenn has a natural gift engaging children.  She began working with children in her early teens, and her compassion, intuition, mindful interaction, and skill has grown exponentially over the years.  Whether she is teaching a music class to toddlers, facilitating team-building challenges, assisting in wilderness science education programs for tweens and young adults, or designing and planting a garden with homeschoolers, Jenn guides children to discover their passions and develop a strong sense of self.  Jenn’s creativity, love of cooking and mindful nutrition, and incredible artistry, ignite the passions of children.

Through The Tree’s Partners


Natures language comes easy to Elizabeth, as a Black Sash, naturalist and artist who shares her teachings in a universal manner.  From young to old, Elizabeth has a gift to connect and engage students and inspire a love of nature and creative expression.  Her range extends from leading wilderness trips, coordinating efforts to beautify and protect local parks and beaches, to extensive program management and curriculum writing.  Elizabeth brings a strong professional background as a Direct Support Professional and she is Wilderness First Aid Certified.   
We are thrilled to have Elizabeth partnering with Carlos in our Nature Therapy Programs!


Kendall is a Forest Therapy Guide, nature enthusiast and homeschooling mom to two young boys. For several years she offered dietary and holistic health support as a certified health coach and is now focusing on exploring herbal and plant spirit medicine, wild edible and non-edible plants, and wilderness survival. Kendall believes as technology advances and becomes more prevalent in our lives, it is vital to foster a connection with the Earth, especially for our children so that they may carry this healing and renewing relationship with nature into the future.
We are excited to have Kendall running our Forest Friends Mini Camps this summer!!


Mackenzie O’Connor and James Patefield are performance artists located out of Portland, Maine. Both are senior company members of Bare Portland Theater Company and co-founders of Wolpertinger Battalion. James and Mackenzie met while pursuing degrees in theater performance at Muhlenberg College and wanted to bring their love of performance back to Maine. Currently, they are working on STORAGE with Bare Portland, a series of events throughout the Portland area inspired by items found in a storage unit bought at auction. There will be a devised performance created around these items in early September of 2019. You can learn about this project and others at or follow Bare Portland on Facebook or Instagram.


Garrett has been an art teacher for the last 6 years and a practicing blacksmith even longer. Lucky enough to be sent to the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in high school, he fell in love with the magic of turning rigid steel into... Anything.
Nicole taught herself to knit with the help of her local yarn shop and decided making things out of a ball of string was magic. She’s worked with children for the last 4 years and is pursuing a career in elementary education.
We are excited to have Garrett & Nicole running our Iron & Silk Summer Camp this year!!