Through The Trees

Home School Program

2019- 2020 Homeschool Programs

- Running Weekly September 16th through Mid-June -


Camp Evergreen -
Skill Building Projects

Surrounded by the beauty of the natural world, Camp Evergreen is our new Base Camp.
At Camp Evergreen, we will engage with topics such as fire and shelter building, knife and tool use, basic carpentry, map and compass, foraging, campfire cooking and wildlife tracking through a hands on,
skill-building curriculum. During project time students will work on
self-selected projects while receiving one on one mentoring in goal setting and project planning.

All project materials are included in the tuition costs.

Mondays from 10 AM - 2:30 PM
For Ages 8 & Up


Camp Woodland - Nature Immersion

Camp Woodland is our new nature camp for younger children. In this forested setting, children can explore and play, while cultivating their innate connection with the Earth. We will build forts and fairy houses, learn about our tree, plant and animal friends, create nature mobiles and mix magical mud potions. Cooperative problem-solving, community-building, empathy for other living things, and strengthening confidence and comfort in nature are all skills that are organically woven into the day.
A snack will be provided. Children will be outdoors, rain/snow or shine (unless weather is extreme).
Parents are welcome to stay for any part of the camp.

Mondays from 10 AM - 2:30 PM
For Ages 4-6


Camp Ironwood - Nature Immersion

Camp Ironwood was built by our homeschoolers as a space to mindfully connect with nature and one another as we engage with the lessons offered by the changing seasons. The core of this program will follow the students interests, providing opportunities to practice outdoor skills -while building strong friendships, improving teamwork and leadership skills all while being deeply immersed in Nature.

Wednesdays from 10 AM - 2:30 PM
For Ages 7 & Up

Program Cost & Registration


Monthly Tuition:
Camp Evergreen - $125/Month
Camp Woodland - $110/Month
Camp Ironwood - $110/Month
Two Camps - $200/Month

Drop In Rate:
Camp Evergreen - $45/Day
Camp Woodland - $40/Day
Camp Ironwood -$40/Day


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