Through The Trees

The Birch Grove for Mothers

The Birch Grove - A Circle of MotherS

~ Supporting Transformation & Connection ~


The birch tree is a powerful symbol of transformation and growth. It often grows in soil that is inhospitable to other plants and is the first tree to grow back after a landscape has been decimated by fire or flood. Birch invites us to pioneer new ways of being, releasing old patterns and habits just as it sheds its bark. Like the bright and beautiful birch, we light the way for others with our rooted presence. 
Birch speaks deeply to the journey of Motherhood, inviting us to embrace the transformative power of the present moment. Our relationships with our children illuminate the ways in which we need to raise ourselves, so we can lead the way for our family members to align with their own authentic truths. We can change our habitual ways of reacting to our children and grow into the Mothers they need us to be- grounded in our own authenticity and fully present to their magnificence. By embracing our inner wisdom, we embrace our power to effect lasting change in our families and beyond. 
Just as the birch grows in a grove, we can co-create a space to support one another as we embark on this transformative practice of Motherhood. The Birch Grove is a place- where mothers can share from the heart and support one another’s growth. 

Viewing parenthood as a process of spiritual metamorphosis allows us to create the psychic space to invite the lessons of this journey in. As a parent, to the degree you are able to recognize that your children are in your life to foster a renewed sense of who YOU are, you will discover their potential to lead you to the discovery of your own true being. [The] task is to raise YOURSELF into the most awakened and present individual you can be.
— Excerpt from "The Conscious Parent" By Shefali Tsabary, PhD

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